The Industrial and Commercial Co-operative Society Limited " ICCS " was established more than 100 years ago during the reign of His Highness Maharaja of Mysore. Since its establishment, the Society has been providing sustainable banking service to the people of Karnataka State in myriad ways and means. The headquarters of the Society is situated in Bangalore, the state capital of Karnataka.

The shareholders of the Society are veteran business tycoons of the State. The Society, over the years, has opened a new era in banking industry in the state of Karnataka. The Society now intends to capitalize on the success of this industry by taking advantage of the changed financial market in the country.

Economic Activity

iccs limited ’s economic activity is not oriented fully towards profit, but it has a comprehensive approach towards the overall development of the entire society. iccs limited is providing as much feasible material support as possible to several charitable institutions operating in and around Bangalore District.

Financial Support

iccs limited also aim to maintain sustainable relationship with the underprivileged section of the society within its operational areas and give efficient support to their financial needs in order to protect them from the clutches of loan sharks and other financial institutions who charge exorbitant interest.

Our Schemes

iccs limited has a wide range of Deposit schemes precisely calibrated to the specific requirements of its variety members. When householders and private and public sector employees join iccs limited to finance their household requirements like wedding, educational expenses, house construction etc., traders approach iccs limited with a commercial intend.

iccs limited ’s Branches will help you with creative suggestions in choosing the ideal Deposit scheme that can meet your financial needs.