Pleasures of investing with iccs

Assured returns on your investments ranging from 6 to 11.5%
Assurance that your money is safe and secure

Variety of Deposit Schemes

Iccs Limited conducts a wide range of different Deposit and Loan Schemes tailor suited to the unique requirements of its valued members. We operate Deposit schemes with Values ranging from Rs.100. and duration starting from 45 days. And Click here to see a list of available Deposit Schemes.

Daily Collection Facility

We have a team of dynamic Collection Executives who visit your door step every working day and collect the Pigmy installments and Loan installments in small amounts to ease you from paying the monthly subscription in lump sum. They will also help you with choosing the right scheme of Deposit corresponding with the time frame you set for meeting your particular monetary needs.

Iccs Limited - a boon to the business community

Iccs Limited is a means of easy and profitable access to finance for big and small scale business enterprises. • Iccs Limited comes up with help when beginners in business and small scale traders are discouraged by commercial banks due to their rigorous documentation and strict security requirements. • Our research and market study have revealed that most of the business people are joining Iccs Limited considering it as a “source of immediate cash” or as a resourceful lender who can meet their “time bound” money requirements without fail.

Plan your future with Iccs Limited – schemes for salaried employees

Public and private sector employees constitute a major section of our society. Unlike business people, their family arithmetic is restricted within a limited income they receive by way of salary or wages. By cleverly joining the schemes of Iccs Limited, you can easily manage expenses like: • quarterly or half-yearly semester fees of your children pursuing higher studies; • marriage expenses of your daughters; • margin money for buying vehicles such as motor bikes, cars, trucks, and the like; • house construction or renovation; and • agricultural expenses of farmers.

Our customer support team will guide you with workable suggestions in choosing the right scheme of loan from the myriad schemes we operate. You can pay the monthly subscriptions directly at our branches or our monthly collection agents will promptly collect it from your home at your convenience.